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Datum objavljivanja: 19. Pro 2020.
Watch the first episode of season 5 here:
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  • Bro he sucked a peen

  • Every time Eric does a gag like this, I feel like he’s subtly making fun of a specific show

  • How mad you have to be to slap a dildo from another man´s hand a milisecond after you see it. lmao

  • Dude he literally brought up shelly lol you can't write shit like that

  • How havnt he got shot yet?

  • Fucking amazing. Eric Andre’s ideas are endlessss

  • His best bit


  • Eric Andre built like LOGIC when he got buff


  • Lmao! "How the fuck do you bone down dude?!" I can't believe how so many people don't recognize Eric. Amazing. 😂 They bite right into it.

  • NO CLUE !

  • Why would Jesus Christ subscribe to this-

  • Hey, a mini wheel of prizes! Throwback to the early seasons.

  • Do you believe in the lies of society?!

  • There's no place like bone

  • That guy that slapped the dildo away is sooo comfortable in his heterosexuality. lol "I will fight you for having a penis shaped object in my presence!"

  • Dam van diesel really let him self go

  • Eric Andre cosplaying as Vin Diesel

  • When your home town gets mentioned on Bone TV.

  • This is unironically great art.


  • dude was like well I mean she was in Florida

  • B O N E D I E S E L

  • 🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴

  • youve had vin diesel, now get ready for van gas

  • Show me your bone face.....😂

  • Wellcome to the bonezonr

  • Wow u upload vids so fast

  • Best show

  • My man’s still got it

  • BONE OVERLOAD hahahaha I'm dead

  • Oh i get it bones > calcium > milk

  • Whats vin diesel doing on the eric Andre show?

  • 1:32 He don't trust like that

  • He aint right, and that's why hes beloved.

  • I’d rather not in all honesty

  • The amount of chaotic energy in this video could power the whole world.

  • Ow ye all these hot Eric Andre clips are makin my bone gush!

  • This is the only content on the internet that’s worth paying for.

  • Vin Diesel, but less cringe


  • Demonstrate on this corpse!

  • why y'all take down Thundercat's performance with Ariana, Domi and JD Beck

  • Im literally watching this at 3 am rn


  • Is that Mrs. Lush at 0:17?

  • Skinny vin diesel anyone?

  • 0:25 pog

  • i need a new coffee table book... when does the Bone Tome come out?

  • Looking like Vin Diesel

  • Is that vin diesel ?

  • Spike TV is kicking themselves for not thinking of this one first

  • Ew , that guy who slapped the dildo is so stupid like it’s just a dildo bruh

  • I love this bit

  • I’ve lost my job, I’m in debt and I’m going to killmyself

  • Bone Diesel > Vin Diesel

  • Vin Diesels doppelganger.

  • That dude getting his dong schlobbed on by Bone Diesel " WHOOOOOAAAAAAA!"

  • My favorite part is him throwing milk on the ground

  • Tom Green lookin bald af these days

  • Budget Ven Dieslberry

  • This needs to be a staple of this show from now on

  • I love educational tv.

  • vin diesel really fell off after the F&F franchise

  • Vin Diesel

  • First fartsposion then Bone TV, oh yeah we ending this year right alright

  • Shelly, where you at girl? Leah’s lookin for you.

  • He do be looking like pitbull and vin diesel at the same time

  • Luis G Gomes was great on this

  • boneverload

  • What have I seen

  • he bangs the skeleton, the cranium flies off, got boned hard

  • boning away!

  • Tried to give him a chance again. But really, his material is pretty moronic.

  • 49yr single empty nester who can't get a date is here watching this" ranchy" shit! I'm pretty content watching the show...

  • "Investigate Scientology." -Bone Diesel

  • I'm from india Please make a video on jordindians youtube channel please 🙏😀

  • Was bout to be some black on black violence🙊🤦🏾‍♂️🤣..

  • Whats up with Shelley?

  • The only reason that dude wanted to fight Eric is cuz he acted out in anger when he realized liked the dildo. Sorry ur in the closet bud but it’s ok to come out , it’s 2020


  • Calcium

  • I see eric andre tittle, i click.

  • *I just can't get enough of this show of yours "Bones". . ._*

  • I miss when Mtv had stupid shit like this unironically. Network tv was watchable during this time.

  • Dude slaps the dildo out his hand n was bout to beat the shit out my man!!! Had me in tears laughing so hard. I noticed Erics beefed up a lil n is lookin kinda jacked, prob cuz half the stuff he does makes people wanna punch the shit outta him lol.

  • RIP Shelly Miscavige. Gone but not forgotten.

    • She's still locked away in the deep dungeons of Scientology HQ.

  • B O N E Z O N E

  • Hahahahahahahaha. I swear Eric is one of the craziest dudes out there. Fuckin hilarious. I think he's even funnier with no hair. SHOW US HOW U BONE!!!

  • vin diesel

  • Oh yeah


  • Tf did I just watched

    • Bone TV, weren't you paying attention dude ?

  • This was more painful to watch than usual.

  • you wanna put a little meat on these bones

  • o_o

  • I fucking love andre

  • 1:25 damn wtf is this shit hahaha

  • ☠️😂