BOBO THE MONKEY | adult swim smalls

Datum objavljivanja: 7. Sij 2021.
Created by Victoria Vincent
VO by Ari Goldberg, R.I.P.
Music by R.I.P.
Victoria Vincent is an animator creating short films that depict anxious, unstable worlds and the frantic characters living inside of them.
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Mask Dog:
Love (Off The Air):
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  • Omg seeing vewns work on adult swim is amazing. You go Vewn!!!!

  • Vewnnn

  • vewn

  • yes I love this and I love vewn!!

  • Curious George origin story

  • i cant believe they cut out like half of the animation- wtff T-T

  • Man it’s so weird that there’s a scene missing from it

    • yeah the short doesn’t make sense with missing scene

    • And that might not me good on a tv channel I’m not sure thi

    • Probably because of the gun/animal abuse

  • IT'S VEWN!!


  • i had no does vewn moved their way up into the world of animation !! so glad such a big company such as adult swim will be there to help their channel and beautiful art grow 💘🥺🦋

  • why'd they cut out the bit where they shoot the first monkey? It cuts out the whole context behind the monkey's escape plan!

  • What does this have to do with tennis?

  • One of my favorite animators are now on adult swim I love to see it 🖤

  • YOOOOOOO so happy for the creator!! 🥺🥺

  • Bobo looks so adorable, i love him.

  • And that’s how curious George got his origin story

  • VEEEEWWWWWWNNNNN YOU finally made a protagonist who is not a fucked up person?!

  • Whoever made this. Please anyone, I need too know the artist of this creation. It reminds me of the funky oldschool cartoons from the 90's. Purely nostalgic

    • Vwen!! They make great stuff on yt, the og of this short has another scene too, they took it out for some reason

  • Every show they released looks cheaply made

  • Giving me 2000's vibes from this animation


  • Hi wevn

  • Victoriaaaa!!! You are on adult swim!!

  • This is cute it's giving me Rocko's Modern Life vibes

  • VEWN

  • Vewn is everything

  • Esta verguisima!

  • The zoo was poorly constructed makes sense for the monkey to leave

  • The music in this ROCKS

  • VEWN!

  • So happy that vewn gets to be on AS

  • Pogo The Monkey from GTA 3 did it first


  • I feel like watching Super Jail

  • Thanks to Adult Swim for helping keep indie animation alive ever since HRdown decided to abandon these guys

  • Go Vewn Go!

  • I immediately reconized this style

  • At first I thought "Ari Goldberg, R.I.P." meant that Ari Goldberg had passed away but then I realized R.I.P is someone else who also did the music

  • vewn

  • OMG VEWN!!!!

  • i dont wanna repeat it, but vewn you are one and only.

  • Rise of the planet of the monkies.

  • holy shit do i spot vewn here? THATS SO COOL

  • aaaaaaand i mistook it for a kids show

  • Glad vewn got Featured

  • It's pretty cool to see vewv on adult swim. congratz :)

  • Bobo got freedom, but he got blood on his hands. Now he lives with a man in a yellow hat and fights for justice.

  • i love vewn and i love the music

  • I am looking for the music bumps where it say'' some CONSPIRACY THEORIES. imply CONSPIRACY THEORIES are in fact. CONSPIRACY THEORIES designed to discredit the very existence of CONSPIRACY THEORIES''. It's a nice beat but I cant find the bumps nore the beat.


  • I love happy endings

  • Mmm monkey.



  • V E W N Y E S

  • YOOO

  • Adult sweem is like MTV of 90's, i believe it will not get worse in 10 years

  • When is boondocks coming back

  • What's next ? I want more BOBo THE MONKEY !!




  • why did the monkey kill the zookeeper? the zookeeper did nothing wrong to deserve this. this monkey is evil.

  • Nice that he go to adultswim

  • Venw its just my favourite, love her work

  • That Monkey looks more like an Oliver than a Bobo

  • Thanks for you bro

  • Ya love to see to it :,)

  • knew from the thumbnail alone it was vewn !!

  • i can recognize vewn anywhere

  • Love the art style

  • that monkey is smartter than my boss

  • Highly anticipated vewn short!! One of the top animators out there. 🥰

  • Vewn, umami, pilotredsun. The holy trinity of animators I found on youtube.

  • Awesome!!

  • Ah yes another beautiful work from Vewn, she's killing it with these Adult Swim works

  • Bobo do be committing murder doe

  • vewn!

  • This is vewn ? THIS IS VEWN !

  • That begins had me cold

  • This is some dope art

  • Getting some classic Joe Cartoon vibes

  • Nice vewn in adult swin im so happy =>

  • Mto bom seus gays

  • Very cute 😊

  • Te amo VEWM estoy muy feliz de que estes aqui!

  • VEWN!

  • munke

  • I had a cousin Bobo, because his baby sister couldn't say Andrew he became, Bobo. My Montoya Cousins, Reginald, Andrew, Rhonda, Renetta and Rebecca. Reggie, Bobo, Rona, Ninna and Bucky, aunt Helen and uncle Nick's kids. then there was Sally with Debbie, Mike, Tana Meadows, Melissa and Melinda Alvarez the twins. All Step cousins.

    • Oddly Ninna and Melissa looked Asian, very fine aqualine features, almond eyes, straight black hair, that's what you get when you mix 1st Gen Mexican and 1st Gen Germans. Helen and Sally were Kramm girls.

  • I'd recognize this style a mile away.

  • i love it! :3

  • I swear I LOVE THESE. I LOVE [as] smalls

  • Bobo is my hero now

  • Go Bobo👊🏽

  • VEWN!! Love your work being on Adult Swim 🥺🥺🥺

  • cute

  • Tf is this?

  • vewn finally getting the attention they deserve

  • You know what they say, monkeys are the hitman of the jungle

  • now he's trapped in a bigger prison