Blake Griffin Interview (Part One) | The Eric Andre Show | adult swim

Datum objavljivanja: 8. Pro 2020.
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  • God damn it!!! Eric andre looking pretty af

  • Where did he get that grey shirt? Did he ever say?

  • I have the fatest crush on that asain lady in the band and i dont know why. My loneliness has really come to this

  • All Eric’s guest’s agents must hate them.

  • "And now for the only MARRIED news team in the tri-county area -- Jan and Wayne Skylar!"


  • I like your asians andre not gonna lie

  • Blake Griffin looks like he’s had an allergic reaction in that thumbnail.

  • Belipe entrance music feels wholesome af.

  • The most interesting part of the video for me was when I learned that those two were introduced to each other by one of their mutual friends

  • I lost it so hard at Belipe

  • Do you think I'm pretty!

  • 1:51 curious to know his response

  • They're a married pa couple

  • Blake knew not to drink that champagne

  • 0:44 *receives beverage* SUSPICION

  • Probably the shittiest champagne ever

  • Show belipe more in every episode!!

  • You need to have The Weeknd as a guest 😂

  • 0:23 Why do I use shades? you may ask: to protect my other shades

  • How have I never seen this show ??lol

  • The way he rolls out tha chair 🤣😂

  • What does PA couple mean?

  • Black Lives bladder bro, and we get it. The only reason you can afford to be a nihilist, is because of your white privilege.

  • This is his best fucking interview, the married PA couple are such a funny distraction lol

  • Do you get all sweaty, or are you one of them DRRYY boys!?

  • all this show tells me is that most athletes and hollywood types are lame af squares. why come not one dem beat him to punch and light a fire and pull they junk out, maybe smoke a rock and burn their scrotum with the hot pipe?

  • 📓 Thank You!

  • easily one of the coolest guests Eric's had; he takes it like a champ

  • 0:23 That guy seems dare I say... Shady!

  • I swear I am just here for the random stuff...

  • Belipe 😆💀💀💀

  • Where the hell is Hannibal??

  • The PA couple are my favourite characters.

  • He seems like a nice dude

  • Belipe haahahahahah

  • he’s a sweaty boy

  • see the tough thing about this one is i know Blake Griffin has comedic chops so it almost seems unnatural for him not to be in on it

  • “Your team is named after a single engine component?”

  • Ray Allen doing the interview

  • wtf where's hannibal

  • "where's eminem when you need him" Actually got him last Friday 😂

  • 🅱️elipe

  • nooooooo, did they steal that pistons joke?!? i swear ive already heard that in a stand up bit!!

  • Belipe is cool looks like the dude who played in austin powers lol

  • andre might be healthier but his stage is dying lol I wanna see more people fall in the chair

  • What team does he play for??

  • Eric = Raoul Duke Felipe = Dr Gonzo

  • does anybody know the two asian ladies @s?

  • He actually took this really well

  • Blake is one of those cool popular kids that doesn't mind hanging out with the weirdos.

  • Am I the only one who thinks this show has gone down the drain

  • Blake is like a horror movie fan going to a haunted house and being unphased.

  • The way he slowly rolls out tha chair like an adorable panda 😂🤣🐼

  • the fucking cartoon sounds 😂

  • Oh wow they got Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho

  • He didn't deserve this interview, he's too pure

    • Blake Griffin broke his own hand by repeatedly punching someone in the face. True story.

  • 😅☺


  • 2:24 pog

  • Blake obviously watches this show because he was terrified of that Champagne

  • 0:24

  • hahahaha @1:42 the Belipe trying not to laugh

  • Very astute not to drink what Andre gave him. Very smart move.

  • Ok, who find this funny ?

  • As I'm watching this, I am taking a painful shit

  • Was I the only one who enjoyed Bill Cosby's Jello..?

  • bake just got scrolled

  • And where did you get your gray shirt?

  • been holding off on this new season but had no idea Felipe was on it. might have to watch tonight.

  • Blake Griffin has got to be one of the most chill and nicest dudes ever!

  • What team is he on?

  • Ay Blake Griffin looking a little sus when he make that face 😈 2:26*

  • 1:08 *BIRD UP*

  • Eric Andre kinda look like Reggie Miller wit them dam ears

  • "where did you get your grey shirt?"

  • Belipe is an actual world of war craft gnome in real life, all the way down to his movements

  • Do you think I’m pretty 😂😂😂

  • Protect Belipe at all costs

  • Awesome sneaker colors.

  • Dude he pogged at the end

  • He's like a real life Kuwabara

  • I like how he accepted there were birds

  • I'm glad they finally put the important story of the series, in episode. The biggest plot twist is, who is the mutual friend that introduced them to each other. That's for another season kids.

  • where's Hannibal?

  • Is his face in the thumbnail edited? Why is his head so big but face so small?

  • ¶ This I say therefore, and testify in the Lord, that ye henceforth walk not as other Gentiles walk, in the vanity of their mind, Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart: Ephesians 4:17-18 KJV

  • What does PA stand for

  • Do you think I'm pretty?

  • Eric Andre employs more little people than any man on the planet tbh

  • Jesus Christ is King

  • He seemed so annoyed by the PA couple lmao

  • Cringe basketball.😭🤣


  • Did he say “Belipe doesn’t drink cause he’s an athlete? Lol

    • No, he said, "Belipe, he doesn't drink because he's an athlete", referring to Blake.

  • Ballin on the andre show

  • That’s a gorgeous guy

  • I love the boring ass PAs lol

  • Married

  • Hey you think I'm pretty.