Blake Griffin Interview (Part Two) | The Eric Andre Show | adult swim

Datum objavljivanja: 8. Pro 2020.
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  • Eric Andre is always insane but this felt particularly chaotic

  • That ending montage had me laughing. [We'll Be Right Back]

  • I'm pretty sure this style of comedy means we are living in end times

  • Wait where was the interview part lol

  • I don’t know why haunted poncho just made me laugh

  • Oh boy hshshshshshshshshshshs

  • Get Partiboi 69 on the show

  • That "oh shit it's ice rasta" will forever slap 😂😭

  • I like how Blake checks his chair every time he sits down I’m dying over here

  • Blake’s like a tall athletic Seth rogen

  • When Belipe said "Belipe" Bro, I really felt that

  • why can i hear stuff all the time

  • Blake Griffin should write a book on reaction shots, he’s clearly the master.

  • Blake has successfully passed the vibe check

  • Funny how after Blake go up to salute he checked the seat before sitting down.

  • im glad he went with it lol

  • 0:02 jumpscare warning

  • Haunted poncho! That is my favorite character from sonic '06

  • So no one’s gonna talk about the navy seal team 69?

  • We need more Belipe


  • Oh shit it's Ice Rasta!

  • I swear Blake got butthole popped for not standing up when he should've just like Jimmy Fallon did by his son or whoever hahah

  • Navy seal team 69 These guys 69 bin ladin for our freedom show some support

  • Who is Ice Rasta?

  • I love that he checks the chair for stability like 3 times

  • "Patriotism is the conviction that your country is superior to all others because you were born in it." Not true. Some people immigrate to new countries they were not born in and become patriots in the new country they reside in.


    • reminds me of monster from sealab 2021 when parrele universees collided zork zork

  • "Are you named after the guy from Family Guy?" "Which one?"

  • Belipe!

  • Good to see Blake Griffin supports the troops

  • that big dude really behave nice, even with Felipe rubbing his tummy on him

  • Is that someone screaming “fuck you murder?” Edit: Probably the Haunted Pancho

  • I wanted to see nothing but belipe in the comments. I am disappointed

  • I lov how this dude gets scared every second 😂

  • lololol the back to back well be right backs so good

  • When ice rasta just comes in. Lmao

  • seal team 69

  • I want to buy a blake griffin jersey now. I don’t watch basketball.

  • 0:59 why’d they have to go and scare the poor band lady?

  • Blake is literally freaked out.

  • It‘s been a week now and i keep on randomly shouting BELIPE BELIPE BELIPE someone please help me

  • Why is he so afraid of belipe? Hahahhaha

  • Why is this two videos?

  • Bruh I was crying laughing dude was like ah ahhhhhh spraying chemicals in his eyes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • He’s such a good sport

  • The multiple we’ll be right back cuts got me

  • It seems Adult Swim entered the haunted ponchos business

  • The chair gave him PTSD. He's checking it everytime now

  • Seal team 69 🇺🇸

  • Haunted Poncho is my spirit animal

  • Huh. So this is what adderall feels like.

  • Need all footage from this interview lol

  • This interview is golden 😂

  • 0:00 Jimmy Page guest appearance

  • Belipe is Godsent

  • Blake really look scared as shit tho

  • “Patriotism is the conviction your country is superior to all others because you were born in it” I know he’s an internet ha ha funny man but he says a lot of smart shit

    • He is really smart, thats why he is so good at playing dum

  • 0:39 ,one of the best moments yt scene has seen

  • Oh shit it’s Ice Rasta

  • Blake Griffin had too many gold reactions to pass up

  • 0:58

  • We need more Belipe on the show

  • Belipe is tight

  • yo i havent been this happy in legit 8 years tyty hahahaha

  • They 69'ed Bin Laden for our freedom. Lmao.

  • 2020. The only thing that makes us gratitude. The Eric Andre Show Season 5.

  • Belipe Belipe Belipe

  • Loved the part where the singer got scared shitless from the geyser.

  • blake was a good sport for this. lmao

  • Eric Andre is the best thing to happen since sliced bread!

  • I like Blake Griffin more now.

  • Watching this show will make you feel sorry for people you thought you’d never feel sorry for.

  • America , trump 2024

  • these are some of my favorite " we'll be right backs"

    • @Johnny, my penls is unbearably small, but all male born after 1993 can't live healthy. all they know is pornhub,be stinky, play video games, be emotionally unavailable, masturbate and lie

    • Any female born after 1993 can't cook, all they know is check they phone, not give sauce, eat hot chip and lie.

  • Can’t believe they’ve actually got Belipe on the show

  • their "we'll be right back" button broke

  • He was a good sport

  • when i first saw belipe i thought he looked like brendan schaub xD

  • Super chill dude.

  • Blake sees chair “I don’t trust like that”

  • SEAL Team 69 is legendary. Don Shipley loves them!

  • *seal team 6 repels down while 69ing each other* Blake griffin: *stands up and salutes*

  • We'll Belipe Right Back

  • “Patriotism” does not mean “nationalism” Seal team 69 was pretty funny tho.

  • Blake is actually criminally underrated as a comedic actor, in the movie 'The Female Brain' he was the funniest part of that movie his timing is incredible xD

  • This is how you comedy correctly

  • Belipe Belipe Belipe Belipe

  • Aaaaaaand that's how you confuse your guest!!!

  • Seal team 69 respect.

  • Is Hannibal no longer on the show what happened

  • Did he made it till the end ?

  • Peter griffin have a brother

  • I love Belipe's character development

  • Before he sits he keeps checking if the chair will flip him over again lmfaoo

  • So funny 😆 I love this show, just so damn funny 😂!!

  • Belipe Belipe Bel-ohfuck- ipe Belipe

  • Major respect to Blake for playing along

  • Eric andre doing what tom green done 12 yrs ago

  • Hahahaha