Behind The Scenes: Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal | adult swim

Datum objavljivanja: 14. Stu 2020.
Get a glimpse at how this Emmy® winning TV series came to be.
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  • The zombie one scares me the most

  • I loved the feel and look of this show since ep 1. Waiting exited for season 2! Keep up the good work and amazing quality

  • When do we get a Blu-ray release??!!

  • I see so much advertising for these but never actually see anything from it.

  • This show look similar to that 1960s prehistoric movie about caveman live with dinosaurs and other creatures called one million year bc and primal is about a caveman and dinosaur a Tyrannosaurus rex seared friendship and I thick it a remake of one million year bc but it was in animation and also it so so very violent and I really liked this show hope there more prehistoric creatures

  • how did the mammoths get from the frozen north ,to the tropics, especially since the one killed by spear was half dead

  • I grew up seeing Tartakovsky's name at the end of cartoon shows on Cartoon Network. He might not know this but he played a big role in me being a creative as an adult.

  • 'You watch the speed of everything now, it's so fast, and so in your face... This is the complete opposite." 1:29 Liked instantly.

  • the voice actor has the throat of a warior

  • From the very first moments until now, i am 101% fine with Primal. Edit: Primal is Metal \m/

  • Primal is by far the best animated series in 2020

  • Holy shit, Aaron does really intimidate even in a recording studio

  • We need about 3 more seasons. Please. Thank you Gendy for existing. Everything you make is magical.

  • i hope they make a video game out of this

  • Will there ever be figures of these two?

  • "No dialogue" Except for the very end

  • This is the best show I've seen in years! Can't wait for season 2!

  • Can’t imagine any criticisms of this show PS: If your complaint is that there’s no dialogue, you’ve missed the point of this. It isn’t a “Hey, you’re dumb for not knowing a Christopher Nolan film”, its more like rejecting a. Basic part of the show that is built into its design

  • Loved Samurai Jack and Symbionic Titan and was completely blown away by Primal. Totally love it was so drawn in to it fully. I cried and was in Aww. Loved the end season finally and he spoke her name

  • U guys are fucking legends

  • When can we expect season 2 because honestly I'm not sure I can survive the wait for it Season 1 was amazing even though I had to wait months for all 4 to get the episodes to watch the full season today. I want to see what happens next, if Fang and Spear rescue you know who.

  • Congratulations everyone involved. You guys knocked it out of the fucking park. Another Genndy classic I can't wait to re-binge.

  • Wish he can direct a godzilla film. All action, No dialogue.

  • This series is beautiful, and awesome. Makes me miss my Labrador. You guys should do a colab for a 40k series.

  • Lo máximo!!! Hay un trabajo en esta producción , de primer nivel!!! 💞💞💞💞💞👏👏👏👏💞💞👏💞👏💞👏💞👏💞👏💞

  • Fucking Masterpiece! Aced it across the board.... can't wait for season 2.

  • Is there a way for us to watch this in Australia?

  • Wow I love this show !! The sound design and the visuals man episode 7 was super crazy though I dndt watch episode 8 because it was creepy lol. but other than that it was really goood !!!

  • Why perpetuate the error of saying that humans lived with dinosaurs? What a stupid thing...

  • Calling all van Michael vincent

  • This show grabbed me in the first five minutes

  • The only positive that came out of CCXP for me is that I was introduced to episode 1 of Primal and I was taken aback. I've now seen 4 episodes and think this show is so god damn phenomenal.

  • Hail ATHF , Metalocalypse and Venture Bros down with CN

  • WHY WOULD I EVER WATCH AN ADULT SWIM SHOW AGAIN???? So i can like it to watch it get canceld f you guys

  • Really interesting. Félicitations au Studio La Cachette !

  • True masterpiece

  • Please release the DVD for this! I would watch it continuously!

  • Saw this show for the first time 2 nights ago and after ep. 1 I HAD to watch the entire thing right then and there I'm not sure that I've ever been more captivated by a show

  • waiting for season 2 & 3 . this is definitely one of those cartoons that will be remembered fondly like Samurai Jack. Somehow the lack of speech makes it more intense and memorable ....wonder if they have any t-shirts or swag yet i would definitely grab some

  • Primal is one of those shows that redefines what animation should be. Its a labor of love and careful thought about every aspect of a production.

  • this show was absolutely awesome!

  • I used to have so much love for Genndy until he shit on Cowboy Bebop, Deadman Wonderland, FLCL and a lot more anime by saying Primal was better than anything Toonami has featured. Primal is amazing but anyone who needs to put down others to lift himself up is a trash person.

  • symbionic titan needs a adult swim sequel. Like samurai jack.

  • If you like Primal, checkout our first episode of Bog Wizard! Heavily inspired by this show.

  • I've watched a ton of animation in my time. This one ranks up in my Top 5 of all time.

  • When he mentioned Symbiotic Titan.....that hit me in the feels..😭🙌🏾

  • Is this ever going to be released on disc?

  • This show is great!!! So are the people that make it

  • my new favorite show

  • You can see that they have tons of fun and passion!

  • you said conan and i love you now

  • Do whatever you want to do But don't kill Fang,Spear or Mira plis

  • 3:14. Top left. Now imagine the classic punch sound. It turns that horrific moment into a comedic moment.

  • Greatest show in years, but when will the rest come to hbo max?

  • The story of an ancient plumber and his yoshi.

  • Best Adult Swim Series Of All Time. Gennedy is a genius and this is truly a revolutionary tv series that I hope has many more seasons to come.

  • this show is unbelievable good


  • Shout out to the little hottie French chick ✊

  • I'm 36. I saw Genndy Tartakovsky's name on cartoons when I was a kid. I would have expected him to be an old man by now.

  • That guy turned red in real time.

  • Genndy absolutely knocked it out of the park with this one, I've been a big fan since essentially Samurai Jack and Clone Wars blew me away so when I heard about this I rushed to watch it. The first 5 episodes were great but the next 5 somehow improved upon what we already had. So excited for season 2 and this is a really cool video!

  • Great season

  • This is my favorite series since Aeon Flux. It's really great.

  • I want to see all of it now that will be nice greez from Switzerland

  • Pleas keep making primal it is the best show of the year by a hundred miles like it is so amazing I love it is pure entertainment and please don’t stop this show short

  • Triceratops TRex Smilodon Are all North/South American Animals, they arent really found anywhere else. This show takes place in a distorted America. Where somehow Smilodon evolved alongside dinosaurs (Impossible) Or when the meteor hit, Dinosaurs took refuge in a part of the world and came out During The Human ages/Pleistocene and co exist now with Mammalian Predators (More Realistic) The Main Character has the physical features of a Mayan NativeAmerican so yeah.

  • A really really amazing show, I love it and can't wait for a 2nd season!

  • This show is a masterpiece ❤️

  • Aaron Laplante probably has thee most satisfying jobs on the show... When was the last time you were able to tell to your heart's content without the fear of judgement or consequences.. and get paid for it?

  • Hey mister Genndy Tartakovsky can please release sym bionic titan season 2

  • Hey mister Genndy Tartakovsky can please release sym bionic titan

  • My favorite episodes were Rage of the Ape-Men and Plague of Madness. The art design for this show is next level.

  • This show is amazing

  • this show is awesome

  • Awesome

  • Cartoon is for kids Anime is for teenagers Primal is for adults

  • I hope Primal comes on DVD and Blu Ray.

  • My only problem with the show is that it makes me want to have a pet dinosaur.

  • What ever happened to symbiotic titian?

  • The voice actor for Spear is EXACTLY who I would've pictured.

  • Bluray, artbook. I need both of these things!

  • aaron really lives it, that's awesome!

  • I will be do all to stay there with this team!.

  • Grunge in animated form.

  • Its just amazing! Thx for showing us this masterpiece

  • Primal is one of the best tv shows of the last decade, a true work of art lightyears ahead of most live action shows that usually make the headlines, and it absolutely dwarfs almost all other animation. That it even exists in this age of cheap, cookie-cutter 3D CG is a miracle.

  • This has been one of my favorite shows of all time and it's amazing to see the process of how it's all made! 💙💙

  • Genndy Tartakovaski is like the Martin Scorsese of Animation.

  • Primal is really one of my favorite shows can't wait for season 2, your all did a great job guys.

  • Love seeing behind the scenes work of him and his crew

  • Sorry but it wasn't actually that good of a show. It was OK... 2d clone wars is way way better. Way better.

  • 😍

  • Primal is goddamn amazing. I wasn't crazy about the new season of Jack. To clarify, the first three episodes were the best the show has EVER been, in my opinion. They were so much more than I had hoped for.. but after that, it lost what it had. Episode 4 was as good as the original show, but it didn't feel legendary like episodes 1-3 did. After that, things just felt kinda flat and uninspired. It wasn't awful, it was just, the season started out, as if it was made specifically for me, and then it wasn't, so it kind of upset me. Primal, though. Holy shit. After watching just the first episode, it became my absolute favorite cartoon series, and it has never disappointed me, even slightly. The only piece of animation I love more than it is Fantasia(and I could never be impartial about fantasia, that movie is why I became an animator, it is a core aspect of who I am). Primal's animation is superb, the content is brutal and terrifying, and the story is clear as a bell, despite having NO dialogue. This allows the animators to completely tell the story, not just be the accompanying visual. It feels.. pure. I have always wanted something like this, and I never thought I would get it. It is accessible to the entire world, and anyone who watches it will have a complete understanding of the story, just as good as anyone else. No language means no language barriers. Sidenote, Wall-E was supposed to be done that way(the whole thing, not just the first half), but they decided to change their minds, and I think that was an extreme mistake. Don't get me wrong, it was still a wonderfully enjoyable movie, easily in my top 5 favorite pixar films, but had they done it entirely without dialogue, it would have been legendary. Primal is legendary.

  • 00:06 Is it me or the man butchers pronouncing his own last name?

  • To me zombie brontosaurus was the scariest

  • im realy impressed ... PLZ go on ..season 3-4-5-6 i woud love it

  • Fascinating. It's the best show on television.

  • Hands down my favorite show to premiere in the 2010s! Not to mention one of the best productions featuring a prehistoric environment.

  • awesome