Aqua Teen Hunger Force feat. Thundercat + Special Guests (Full Panel) | Adult Swim Festival 2020

Datum objavljivanja: 13. Stu 2020.
America’s longest-running, food-centered, Jersey-based, animated, quarter-hour, late-night, heavily-titled, comedy television series for adults, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, is back for a special panel with all of your favorite co-creators, Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis, as well as beloved milkshake actor, Dana Snyder, and if you don’t care about them, which is understandable, stay tuned afterwards for a musical performance from special guest, Thundercat.
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  • Is this real? this is like the time I had a fevered dream featuring Michael Jackson Nah Sol Santana and the blues brothers.

  • Great fun. Hilarious puppets.

  • I would do everything for this show to come back

  • I bought HBO Max just to watch every episode and I did! I'm ending it with the Movie. Hopefully they bring it back on HBO.

  • Came here just for the ending song!

  • Bring back the show already 😩

  • Can you stop censoring episodes.of ATHF?

  • I can't listen to that song loud enough

  • Sweet shout out to Last of Sheila by Dana, and the appeal.

  • Something about the high note she hit gives me goosebumps every time

  • Please let 2021 be the year where we get a supergroup tour with thundercat, domi + jd beck, and ariana grande!!!

  • 46:50 the drummer absolutely nailed that fill

    • jdbeck is insane, check him out

  • I loved this so much!!! And hell yeah on that mask Meatwad was wearing. ;-)

  • I barely have any good memories from my teenage years. Seeing friends, vacations, family reunions? None of that shit. But no matter how weird it sounds, I'd give anything to go back to when I was stuck in a dingy poorly lit room laughing my ass off to the ridiculous shit adult swim was putting on the air. Old school AS just added a very specific spice to my life that I haven't been able to find anywhere else.

  • For those who are looking for the live performance with Thundercat and Ariana Grande, it starts at 45:18. I don't know why, but the video of the performance itself has been set to private. Thumbs up this comment so we can get an explanation!

    • I was so confused on where the video went, like why does every good video get set to private

    • up

    • It legit has to be some kind of issue with Ariana's management.

    • @Phoenix.vette me too

    • I would travel to see this band live. The four of them is a power house.

  • Adult swim please bring them back. It's sad when you guys discountinue shows but this one really hurt.

  • Hang in there Carey, hope you're doing okay (in the off-chance you see this)

  • Boo Biden, and screw wearing masks! Take them off Meatwad and Carl!

  • OMG these guys are really just that naturally funny

  • Carl needs his own spinoff with Meatwad!

  • Man ATHF is so funny and no show on Adult Swim can co.pete with the hilarity of this series and respect to Meatwad, and boo to Master Shake!

  • Bummer Dave's audio kept cutting. The buffoonery was still enjoyable though!

  • Dancing is FORBIDDEN!

  • bring back ATHF

  • Max Simonet, WORST moderator Ever! Keeps cutting them off I'm freakn frustrated. Not an enjoyable panel watching some of my favorite voice actors getting cut off half of the time. Who the F got this Carl looking loser to moderate? Fire both of them for ruining the experience.

  • I wish I saw this live, and wish the show was brought back even for another movie.

  • We need another season

  • I really miss aqua teen hunger force ❤ how would anyone get board of it? Shout out to the creaters I might be getting a athf tattoo. Carl is one of my favorites and master shake is my top first favorites frylock is just hella awesome meatwad is awesome to I love them all and im happy this video was made. ❤. Also am I like the only female that loves athf? I always thought I was the only one lol. Also I think athf should have there own game app for phone games have you guys ever thought on that idea before?

  • 12:59 lol

  • When are you gonna release an Interplanetary Insanitarium T-Shirt or a Hand Bannana plushy? Srsly. Also stop censoring the damn show. If you can tout your political candidate or do a fundraiser for the ACLU you can give us the original episodes.


  • I love uncle Jim hunger force great job adult swim he didn’t you’ve done a very good job

    • Dude I don't understand your comment you sound like joe biden

  • Dave Willis, really big fan of your work, but please keep your politics to yourself. People arent watching this for politics.

  • Dems oranges....

  • Lock them in.... Lock them in, lock them in....

  • Pay Frylock Bring it back

  • Hey adult swim have you paid Frylock Voice Actor his fair royalties yet? You paid all your white VA'S their royalties while Carey Means had to ask others to fund his roof repairs...

    • Of course you had to race bait haha

  • ARIANA WITH THUNDERCAT AT THE END OF THE ATHF PANEL?!?! BEST SURPRISE EVER!!! and ofc dancing meatwad in the back is much appreciated 💓

  • I wish they would watch all the behind-the-scenes videos and shorts like *Radon* !

  • I can't overstate how much this show meant to me and my friends from high school till our late twenties, *LONG LIVE AQUA TEEN* !

  • aqua teen wont never be cancelled aqua teen wont be dismantled

  • Starts at 0:36

  • This made me really happy

  • They got fucking JD Beck and DOMI to also play!?

  • I want a Carl puppet

  • they're desperate for money after canceling the good shows

  • Aqua teen was a great show with most insane/funny acid trip episodes idea ever created on tv

  • awesome performance in the end. does anyone know the name of the song?

  • I want one of those Meatwad puppets! I’d pay hundreds of dollars for one.

  • Look who's turning 40 40

  • 10:00 they need a HRdown channel for this, just meatwad and Carl, cause this is gold!

    • Yeah I want more of them being roommates or whatever they are now

  • Oh man, I loved that, miss that fry, shake, and meatball!

  • Bring back Venture Bros!

  • Fucking hilarious

  • When Master Shake got one answer wrong, his aggressive response was so typical. Then having frylock win is an accurate reflection of his genius character. The Q/A bit reminds me of the Super Trivia episode.

  • This made me so happy and so sad at the same time.

  • I want at least one more season of aqua team hunger force.

  • Hey HRdown- stop suggesting 8 years old rejected Tosh.0 skits and use the algorithm to get more eyes on this! Aqua Teen is a national f’n treasure

  • they really don't like this interviewer lol

    • The interview felt uncomfortable: AS has gone full PC and that’s scary

    • @DeathByFrenchFry sounds endearing

    • @Difficult Skill Dave Willis narrated in squids. This guys some noob from their office

    • I'm pretty sure they work together. He sounds like he does the narration for Squidbillies (and most assuredly different ATHF roles)

  • Carl was Really Nude when he had his skin ripped off! S3, E13 (Carl)

  • I met fry lock in real life ..great guy

  • Meat wad is my spirit animal

  • I Grew up Watching Every Single episode over and over. And collected all DVDs. I really wish Aqua Teen Hunger Force can comeback... I'd pay anything to see one more season seeing Meatwad, Frylock, Master Shake and Carl. Together it was pure comedy and memories. Please come back

  • I would LOVE to sound like Dave Willis

  • This is solid gold

  • "Truly they were... an Aqua Teen Hunger Force ✊🏼"

  • That my shittt

  • Great to see you guys ATHF Forever

  • Thundercat + JD Beck & Domi = 😁

  • I want that meatwad puppet so bad

  • I never knew until now how much I want a Meatwad puppet.

  • YO max!!!

  • Boost Mobile. Lotion Kits. holy shit they paid them....with BOOST MOBILE *LOTION* KITS that is oddly hilariously stingy for some reason.

  • Aqua tv show show. Pay Frylock

  • Great to see Carey still into it and knows his aqua teen lol

  • thank you

  • Did he said Charles instead of Carl?

  • Great panel, thanks for doing this! Loved the puppet sketch and the read-through. You're all great actors, thanks for the many laughs over the years! Special shoutout to Carey Means for playing the incredibly difficult voice of reason role and playing Frylock with a lot of heart. The serious moments were always just as well done as the over-the-top wackiness.

  • We love you Carey!

  • The fact Dave shared aqua teen and that whole puppet skit with his kids brought tears to my eyes tbh

  • This made me so happy ✨🥺

  • This is so wholesome I’m so glad this happened

  • who dislikes the aqua team hunger force like what 6 gotta get a life and enjoy the little things

  • ATHF forever

  • I cannot believe Dave is a liberal snowflake. Wow. Lost all respect.

    • Alright caity

    • Get over it Chud and cry more Loser

    • Nobody care cadeeee

  • Dana would love Among Us


  • Wow, this is actually making me all melancholy and extremely happy at the same time. Thanks to you guys, esp Mr. Means, cuz Frylock was always my favorite, especially in his confused babysitter persona. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  • Like how Adult Swim is trying to live off their old shows since they’re not too good at making new ones

    • @Jarodjr the old shows were better

    • @Jesus From America The old shows are hilarious, I just don’t think it’s fair to shut down every one of Adult Swim’s new shows just because they acknowledge an older one. Again that’s my opinion!

    • The old shows were funny

    • @Sad Westbrook Ha! I respect your opinion.

    • @Sad Westbrook thanks!

  • 10:00 I really needed that skit I miss meatwad 😂

  • Came here for thundercat

  • Adult Swim should have spent that Ariana/Thundercat money on a new season.

    • @Levi Doneson I guess you’re not aware of what actually happened or how the industry works.

  • God I miss that show so much

  • This is glorious! ATHF forever!

  • Please bring athf back

  • Shake's voice is one of the funniest cartoon voices of all time for me... and spoiler... it's just the dude's regular voice.

    • @Carsten barely. Dude was probably so annoying growing up haha

    • he kinda plays it up to make it more loud and obnoxious tho

  • So was anything confirmed in this panel?

  • skip to the end

  • ATHF is the funniest show ever made. It never gets stale. I can watch every episode over and over again.

    • @EAS, From The West I agree, pretty much. Even the way the the lines are delivered in ATHF, the inflection of the voices is funny. I think that Xavier Renegade Angel is up there. It is like the middle ground between SP and ATHF. It's smart (philosophical) without being too topical, so as to become dated.

    • fr South Park is top 2 then for funniest because ATHF is literally no deep shit-only what you make of it being deep. it’s so fucking absurdly hilarious and cleverly funny with master shakes comebacks and fry’s IQ being discarded with meatwad being the fella trying to get it on all their biz like the lil bro off to the side and making his own character, mfers is hilarious and south park can sometimes be unfunny because of how accurate it is, not to discard its magnitude of greatness as a cartoon tho. but ATHF is ALL funny. South Park is a different way of laugh because it puts a mirror in your facez

    • Add squidbillies to that rotation

  • Now I expect *NSYNC to be on the end of the Space Ghost Coast to Coast stream.