[ad] Toonami + PS5 and Demon’s Souls

Datum objavljivanja: 17. Stu 2020.
Check out T.O.M. and SARA as they give you a look at Demon’s Souls, the original brutal challenge entirely rebuilt for the PlayStation 5 Console. #ad
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  • i thought they were sarcastic

  • like!!!

  • Is this the same VO as ikchi onizuka?

    • @Dillon Young oh yeah bebop and onizuka where made around the same time as well

    • Possibly. Steve Blum. voice actor of spike speigel

  • Awesome Toonami + PlayStation 5 and Demon’s Souls Video.

  • bluepoint supremacy

  • Can't wait to play it oh wait no ps5 available

    • Yeah ps5 is like the toilet paper all over again

  • Mindblowing!!!

  • I have no idea what to comment

  • Reminds me of the time they rated slender back in 2012 lmao

  • It's too early to have a broken PS5 controller. I'm gonna wait out the official PC release instead.

  • Seems like dark soul

  • I though black lives mattered

  • Spikes voice 🤤

  • he said ring... at the end...ring. could it be...?


    • @Erfaniom We mustn't get carried away. however...I... ohhh, never mind.

    • Could it be? The elden ones?

  • Wow. Good job Tom!

  • Dark souls vibes

  • Man this game is awesome, I hope the 5 people that have a ps5 enjoy it

    • Basically yeah I won't be able to play it for a long time but when I do oh boy

    • It is I love it. Hopefully you get it soon!

  • Man, this shit takes me back... Fuckin miss the carelessness and not having to worry about adult shit bruh sometimes being a kid was all that mattered lol

  • He said "min-maxing" instead of "mini-maxing" ah

  • I didnt know Spike Spiegel liked this game

  • I instantly regret wishing Souls games were more mainstream

  • Lol mad how he was hating on elder scrolls 3 but like this rpg

    • Lol, so someone's opinion can't change in 17 years? (Yes, this an ad but they reviewed and loved Skyrim)

  • Oh God they called it a new game

  • "So what's new about this one?" Almost nothing, and they ruined Astrea's Theme.

  • i watch my firstadultswim upload in months and it is an advert for ps5?!?

  • Before they announced this game I was hoping for sekiro or blooborne 2 but oh well this works too.

  • Is the Toonami voice actor the same guy who did spike from cowboy bebop?

  • Holy shit I’m so excited for this

  • Idk why but the nostalgia fusion of demon’s souls and toonami is just marketing gold.

    • bro my heart and brain said the exact same thing. i'm happy i'm not alone

  • "the new demon souls game" Lmao it's only been out for like 15 years

  • Yeah, only if we can actually see a ps5 to buy.

  • The V.O. Actor for Tom would be perfect for a young Master Chief.

  • Having Steve Blum advertising your game is one of the greatest achievements

  • I figure Tom would liked it given how he can relate to being killed and come back to life in a new body!

  • PS5: Peoplesofchina&Scalpers 5

  • Ooooooohhh Elden Ring

  • I'm so hyped for the game, I'm legit watching advertisements on it

    • Lowkey i feel you, toonami ads are hype as well

  • I’m so glad I beat the original on PS3, otherwise I might actually have bought a PS5 just for this lol.

  • Whoever is reading this have a wonderful day and live your best life

  • Me watching this while playing Demon’s Souls

  • Love how in-depth they went with the game language too!

    • yeah it sounds like the writers really know what theyre talking about! the voice actors too 😁

  • tehy fogrot new door,secret

  • I love this ngl

  • Tom, how are you defending black lives if you waste your time on a ps5?

    • ???

    • @Biggus Diccus have you ever considered that it's just another reminder for people to not forget about? Doesn't matter which commercial u thought was better than the other. This has NOTHING to do with the other.

    • @Humblegrind Tom had a video a while ago supporting BLM. Doesn't feel very sincere if Demon's Souls is a higher priority.

    • Wth are u talking about

  • "This video may be inappropriate for some users". HRdown is at it again

    • Pretty sure adult swim did that seeing as the description says the age restriction was requested by uploader

  • When you willingly click on an advertisement for a game you already know you want.

  • First

  • yo early gang

  • This is gonna be so fun to break an expensive new fancy controller

    • It was a joke gotdamn

    • The controllers are overpriced. But unless you're throwing it at the wall out of frustration you'll be fine

    • Weak

  • So awesome

  • Can’t wait to play

  • True blue first

  • first

  • Shiieeet

  • Adult swim is my childhood