A Life In Questions: Wisdom School with Aaron Chen | adult swim

Datum objavljivanja: 8. Pro 2020.
When the legendary interviewer Aaron Chen was 9, he stole a microphone and conducted his first on the street vox-pop. 2000 chinwags and 3000 chats later, the Wisdom School adult learning platform.
#ALifeInQuestions #Infomercials
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  • Aaron is pretty damn funny, just finding out about him. Is he Aussie or Kiwi though? Sounds more Kiwi to me, just a type of question one might ask. The necklace he's wearing when talking with the "sprog" guy is incredible. Also, grown men who talk about "lovers" is definitely intense. Gonna go out on a limb and say the vast majority of women would run the other way if they met a guy referring to his girlfriends as "lovers." But hey, what do I know.

  • I watch this video every night before bed

  • if Eric Andre meets Aaron Chen, the interview itself would create an explosion so destructive, the earth would just cave in and create a black hole

  • Man.. His audio guy must be pretty pissed off at having to buy a new mic each time Aaron does an interview

  • Its for sleepy people

  • that surfer is on the level

  • this is amazing

  • "Tom and Jerry don't have lines" "oh yeah that's right"

  • You a funny bugget

  • Sprög

  • great mockery of some shitty "masterclasses"

  • Sprog/Sprogs/Sproglings are words from England that refer to children of the small variety

  • This is fucking gold

  • lol

  • broooo i thought he died when i saw the title

  • The whispering. I am dead.

  • 4:07 Chen: do you think you'll tell the truth this interview ? Zooms in on lady's forehead, bug emerges

  • I gotta learn that switching microphone technique

  • this is incredible

  • I do feel wiser after this. Thanks, Aaron.

  • Aaron Chen and Joe Pera...the foretold meeting

  • Yeah! Get up there Adam! Go Aussie comedy!

  • Australian Bobby Lee

  • make this show. nowwwww!!!!

  • Hes not funny. But its not bad to watch

  • 10/10

  • 有点东西

  • Book Magazine is no joke, this guys for real!

  • I liked it as soon as I heard "questions are in my blood. seriously, my blood type is y" So dumb yet so funny

  • this rips.

  • Go the Aussie👍

  • Aaron Chen is the man

  • So....is that a dude?

  • "and the ground is... regular"

  • This is too good. Good work AAron

  • This is almost better than John Safran Vs God

  • What the hell is body consciousness?

  • I'm very glad this exists

  • like it or not , this is the future of content

  • The crippled horse at the end killed me

  • yes.

  • 100 thousand more episodes of this.

  • You lost me at "Hey, how you going?"

  • need more of the whisper one in my life

  • Poor horse.

  • His sense of humor is a rare art

  • My new swearword is fart knuckle, but my new word for champagne that isn't from that region of France, is spantaggle' i hope this has helped at least six people, goodbye

  • Clearly can see what masterclass allgassnobrakes followed

  • That whisper shit was funny because im in bed sleepy af 😂

  • fuck this is great

  • trunks aint have a pony tail g

  • he doesn't hate mics at all

  • Far away TV sounds like an interdimensional cable channel

  • This is oddball comedy, and I love it.

  • 🤔🤔🤔

  • lovely lad, look forward to more of this

  • remember: it's always funny to stick a microphone in a stranger's face

  • This is fucking amazing. I could watch 12 seasons. It has an Eric Andre vibe of absurdism without making me feel like a crime is being committed. Hilarious and weirdly relaxing.

  • 6h of this please

  • This is bloody gold

  • Who's been hiding this gem from me omg ..

  • This is the most creative funny I've ever seen

  • Wow, very cool! Thanks for this.

  • Grey Afro girl is a bae.

  • Well it's about fucken time

  • i love this so much. it scratched a deep itch

  • I laughed so hard watching this it should be its own show!

  • That last bloke is the literal problem with the world.

  • i really love this more pls

  • Trunks. Ponytail. Ok.

  • This is amazing

  • Doesn't get more relaxing than kill bill vol.2

  • And the ground is regular

  • 05:57 dude chucks a fatty cloud💨 ☁️

  • ... and that's how Aaron Chen's microphone salesman was able to retire at the age of 23.

  • An Australian guy with a mullet.... lol.

  • Fuck this is funny

  • Good ol' "It's Alive" theme.

  • "Tom and Jerry doesn't have lines" - smart woman

  • Yes more, Aaron Chen

  • All my questions answered.... and all my answers questioned....

  • Fuck yes! I love this!

  • the whispering lmaoooooo

  • not sure why this is on my feed but I'm not opposed to it

  • didn't adult swim pick up all gas no brakes? whats this watered down trash??

  • "I don't have girlfriends i just have multiple lovers" classic big ponytail energy right there

  • Is that the guy from TwoSet Violin?

  • He should be Eric Andre's new sidekick.

  • I have always wondered about questions.

  • 4:38 That was pretty wholesome, actually

  • Best thing I’ve seen in a long time.

  • The whispering part gave me the rest, how awesome is that.. 🙈 Adult swim, I love u!

  • His voice is cool

  • 3:33

  • it's like eric andre show but you can show it to your parents

  • Seems like kinda lazy content. Unless he's really funny might have to watch

  • Kinda reminds me of nathan for you. And joe pera

  • usually asians r not funny but this one is an aussie

  • there's no way that guy pointed and laughed at a limping horse. that had to be editing.

  • My name is Aaron too